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Surface Temperature - known thickness     
Heat Loss - known thickness     
Condensation - known thickness     
Freezing Time - known thickness     
Flowing Medium - known thickness     
Stagnant Medium- known thickness     
Surface Temperature - calculate thickness     
Heat Loss - calculate thickness     
Condensation - calculate thickness     
Freezing Time - calculate thickness     
Flowing Medium - calculate thickness     
Stagnant Medium - calculate thickness     
Calculate gradually     
Diameter List     
Indication of the different layers     
Material from different manufacturers, VDI 2055, VDI 4610, AGI, CINI     
Create a variety of projects     
Thermal Bridges     
Enter the cost of fuel in liters, kg, kw / h, m³;     
Old input Isolation          
Compare existing insulation / new insulation     
Technical description of the material     
Cost input Isolation     
Return of Invest     
Economic Insulation Thickness     
PreInsulation with temperature setting     
PreInsulation automatically calculate          
z * Identification and Optimization     
Object Expression     
Component selection for object expression     
Create your own media     
Create your own object walls     
Create your own Insulation     
Create your own Interfaces     
Own Adaptation of Prints     
Separate Standards Deffinieren     
Different Currencies     
Interface to ExcelExcel     
Interface to capture tool FIW     
Interface to ISOCOM     
Selection Factors     
Emissivity Manually Enter     
Surcharge values ​​manually enter     
Wind speed for the inside     
Logarithmic mean temperature     
Optimization according to VDI 4610     
Optimization on surface temperature     
Optimization for heat flow     
Optimization according to VDI EnEV     
Implementation of VDI 4610 - Part 2