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Terms and Conditions for ISOWTC


1 Introductoin

ISOWTC is an Online platform for the thermal calculation. ISOWTC is supported by the COM CAD Burgher GmbH (herein after: "COM CAD" or "we").

2 Contract


Subject of the contract concerning the use of online thermal calculation software is the fee-based acquisition of usage rights for the products listed in the specifications Functions or powers of the individual packages and the provision of additional service by COM CAD


The initial acquisition of the rights stated in paragraph 2.1 shall be by order of the Package for thermal calculation by the user (online or otherwise) and the Activation, i.e. the granting of possible use by the COM CAD. To re-acquire a right of use for an already unlocked, running time bound supplementary service in immediate connection to the current period of use ("Extension") there is no need further order more. The extension is automatic if the user of CAD COM not acc. Section 6.1 tells you that he thermal design of the end of utilization period no longer wishes to use ("Termination").


This right is to the member account for which it is acquired, or when it is the Facility usage agreement and non-transferable. In the case of Termination of this license agreement, for example, by deleting the member account will invalidate the Copyright.

3 Range / Upgrade


The acquired right of use under Section 2.2 includes the ability for one or multiple claims in the specification of the selected package of thermal calculation listed functions or services.


With a running time bound service, the additional demands made during the period of use. Done The time period for running time-sensitive ancillary services is one day a month or twelve months, unless in the specification of the additional service does not deviate The time period is specified. The period of use begins with the appointment of Calculation package. The CAD COM reserves the right, however, the actual possibility of retain use of the additional service and the receipt of royalties.


If a running time-bound package is offered in multiple variations, is a Change to another version with a larger scope of services ("upgrade") at any time, as long as the previous version of the included services and / or services not yet supplied complete. The upgrade is done by acquiring the right to use the extended Variant under Clause 2.2. In this case, replaces the specification of the extended Variant that of the previous version. The time period for the extended version begin implementing the upgrades.

4 Fees / Payment / Debit


The user has to pay under the order or displayed in the Terms of Reference of the additional service or fee referred to in the Schedule of Fees required.


The fee is the first time or - if extended - new acquisition of the Right to use due and payable in full, except where the specifications or in Part of the payment process any different payment schemes are offered.


In case of default is COM CAD entitled to access to the use of the services temporarily or permanently block or this is repeated, temporarily or permanently prevent the use of ISOWTC ("blocking"). It is specifically stated that therefore the use of the remainder ISOWTC is limited or excluded.


As far as the copyright expires in accordance with clause 3.3, this leaves the   obligation to pay the full use fee unaffected. A claim for reimbursement does not exist. The same applies in the
Event of a lockout after paragraph 4.3 or of an otherwise in violation of the Terms regulated obligations.


As far as the copyright expires in accordance with clause 3.3, this leaves the   obligation to pay the full use fee unaffected. A claim for reimbursement does not exist. The same applies in the
Event of a lockout after paragraph 4.3 or of an otherwise in violation of the Terms regulated obligations.


If the user has issued an Authority, which runs CAD COM invoice until a period of five working days from receipt of invoice or similar Overview of direct debit claim proceedings.


If - for example, either through withdrawal - no direct debit of the user, so COM, the CAD for the increased administrative costs for the processing of payment transactions a Flat fee of 3.00 EUR per transaction charge. The user is the proof allowed the additional costs had been incurred at all or much lower than the above package.

5 Amendment of title (running time-sensitive packages)


At runtime, the COM-based supplementary services CAD is entitled to the scope and Fees or other terms than once to change quarterly. The COM is the CAD Users about the change by e-mail information. The user can change within four contradict weeks after receipt of the notice. If the user within the deadline not, then his consent is deemed granted. The COM CAD is committed to the user at the beginning to note the deadline for the consequences of non-objection. The opposition is addressed to:
COMCOM CAD Burghardt GmbH, herb garden path 1, 86 856 Hiltenfingen, Germany.

Contact via E-mail:
ISOWTC Kontaktfromular


The general change subject to our Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected. The above paragraph 5.1 shall therefore not, as far as to change the additional service only indirectly on a general Change   of COM based CAD (eg, a change of category structure) and these were Into account the interests of the user not to a significant restriction of Additional service leads.

6 Cancellation (running time-sensitive packages)


A running time bound supplementary service may be terminated at the end of the period of use tidy It is expressed in term of additional services linked with a useful life of up to one month without notice, with additional services at a running time bound Useful life of more than one and up to six months subject to a period of four weeks, with additional running time bound services with a useful life of more than six Months subject to a period of three months.


In the case of a contradiction in paragraph 5.1 of the COM CAD is entitled to the supplementary service also Expiry of the period of use to terminate properly with a period of four weeks.


The right to extraordinary termination for good cause remains unaffected.


If no notice under paragraph 6.1 extended the right of use acc. 2.2. The Fee is again for the extension.

7 Privacy


To ensure the proper implementation of heat engineering calculation, it is necessary to personal data of users to store and process then. The COM provides the CAD  confidentiality of such data in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions Privacy Policy and otherwise in accordance to the Privacy Policy.